Episode 34 With Vineet Patni

In this fascinating episode, Vineet and I discuss the nature of hierarchy and formal titles in India, and their impact on the adoption of agile. We also consider the ‘second order’ problem of agile adoption in service centres. How do you transform your organisation when your only motivation is that you’re being told to do so by a foreign company that is also transforming itself at the same time? What impact does distribution of teams have when you’re serving foreign clients? How important is it to make sure your transformation agents are from the same country and culture as those being transformed? Can agile transformation really be imported and imposed from outside?

If you’d like to connect with Vineet, you can find him on Linkedin here and on Twitter here.

2 thoughts on “Episode 34 With Vineet Patni”

  1. Really well said. Some of the things I am in total agreement why Agile fails:

    1. Quality versus qualification
    2. Lack of intent
    3. Price sensitive decisions
    4. Certificates are important than education

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