Episode 8 With, Umm…Nobody

Gez Smith Surrounded By Friends & Admirers

This week’s podcast is with nobody, and they didn’t have much to say. Seriously though, I’ve got lots of great people lined up to talk to, but I didn’t make my self-imposed Tuesday publication deadline, and I wanted to stick to that and go ahead and publish something anyway.

So instead of an interview, this week’s podcast is a request. First of all, I’d love your feedback on it. What do you like, what don’t you like, what would you like more or less of? Second, I’m looking for a really wide range of people to interview, from people working at big management consultancies, to more actual developers, to people working in countries across the world. If you are any of those, or know any of those who would be good, or just have some feedback on the podcasts so far, email me using the details here.

Otherwise, have a listen to what I’m after in the podcast below.

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