Episode 9 With Andrew Holm

Andrew Holm has done some astonishing, transformative and truly innovative things with his company. Decentralising all decision making down to the lowest possible level, allowing complete autonomy, making the system fully transparent and building places where people can truly bring their magic. This is a longer podcast than usual, and it fully deserves to be. I can’t recommend it enough.

Episode 8 With, Umm…Nobody

This week’s podcast is with nobody, and they didn’t have much to say. Seriously though, I’ve got lots of great people lined up to talk to, but I didn’t make my self-imposed Tuesday publication deadline, and I wanted to stick to that and go ahead and publish something anyway.

So instead of an interview, this week’s podcast is a request. First of all, I’d love your feedback on it. What do you like, what don’t you like, what would you like more or less of? Second, I’m looking for a really wide range of people to interview, from people working at big management consultancies, to more actual developers, to people working in countries across the world. If you are any of those, or know any of those who would be good, or just have some feedback on the podcasts so far, email me using the details here.

Otherwise, have a listen to what I’m after in the podcast below.

Episode 7 With Ryan Behrman

Episode 7 with Ryan Behrman explores all sorts of topics around agile transformation, from culture change and organisational structure, to whether there’s such a thing as too big a transformation to be successful. Along the way we look at autonomy, frameworks and the merits of ‘big consultancy’, whether you can force people to be agile, and Ryan schools me in the basics of Management 3.0.

Episode 6 With Chris Davey

What role does culture play in an agile transformation? What does culture mean anyway? Are some organisations too big to transform? Does your framework matter? This week, all these questions and more are explored from the perspective of experienced Scrum Master and coach Chris Davey of Steel Curve.

Episode 5 With Bhavesh Vaghela

This week’s podcast looks at agile transformation from the perspective of a product owner. Bhavesh goes on a tour de force of agile transformation, focusing on the pivotal role of a product owner in a successful transformation. Together we explore the core talents they require and how they should relate to their wider business, whilst also considering the role of management consultants, empire building, KPIs, Lord of the Rings and the importance of knowing where the dead bodies are buried.

Episode 3 With Jon Terry From Leankit

This week’s guest, Jon Terry, discussses just how profound a change agile transformation can be, as well as where to start it, how to go beyond just the team level and yet understand when big just gets too big. He’s also got some great real life examples from his years of experience working in lean and agile transformation, both clientside and now with his company Leankit.

Episode 2 With Dave Moloney

Too often, agile transformations are discussed by Scrum Masters, agile coaches and external consultants, when it’s the developers delivering the actual customer value that are most affected. So I decided to speak to a real live developer for their take on why agile transformations run into trouble, and what we can do to avoid some of the common pitfalls.

Dave Moloney is a fantastic developer with many years experience across a number of sectors, and has some excellent words of advice for those of us more involved on the transformation side. Have a listen to his podcast. As you can tell from the photo, what he said dropped jaws*.


Episode 1 With Roy Mohamed

To kick off the podcast series, Roy Mohamed discusses his take on why agile transformations can fail and why they, like Usain Bolt, should learn to toddle before they can sprint…